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Field Research Safety

Working in field environments is a vital part of research and education at the University of Maryland. The dynamic nature of field settings requires that field researchers appropriately plan for potential hazards and emergencies.

The Office of Research Safety has a variety of planning tools and guidance to support researchers preparing for field travel to any location from Baltimore to Bhutan.

Explore our series of tools, information and templates designed to streamline field safety management on our Planning page.

Develop customized training and investigate recommended training courses to prepare for field activities on our Training page.

Check out our guidance and tools for instructors taking students off-campus on field trips on our Course Field Trips page.

Learn about equipment recommendations, restrictions, and insurance on our Equipment page.

Review information about managing and reporting incidents on our Incidents and Reporting page.

Read recent articles covering incidents involving field researchers on our Field Safety in the News page.

Dig deeper in our Additional Resources page which has university contact information, online resources, and reading recommendations.

Not sure where to start? Reach out to us at (301) 405-2070 and schedule a consultation, we are ready to assist with all of your field safety needs.