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Workers' Compensation

Injury Report Form

Forms for reporting job-related injuries, including instructions and important definitions, are available online. The improved forms consist of a page to be completed by an injured employee, a page to be completed by their supervisor and another page to be completed by any witnesses.

You can download the all the forms and instructions in Word or Adobe's PDF formats.

Looking for Forms?

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  • All of the Report of Injury forms and instructions in Adobe's pdf format Includes the:
    • Employee Report of Injury
    • Supervisor Report of Injury
    • Witness Report of Injury

  • All of the Report of Injury forms and instructions in Word format

  • Definitions for the Report of Injury form

Frequently Asked Questions

Workers' Compensation FAQ sheet is available. The Workers' Compensation FAQ is also available in spanish.


  • Employees no longer have the option of using sick leave when injured on the job. Employees who are eligible for accident leave must use accident leave.
  • Employees who are past the accident leave eligibility and need to be compensated with temporary total benefits (paid by Injured Workers' Insurance Fund), no longer have to exhaust their sick leave first.
  • Employees scheduled for a workers' compensation hearing or an independent medical evaluation (IME) may use release time, but no more than 4 hours and must indicate what the "release time" is for.
  • Sick leave is allowed for employees who fall into the category of temporary partial benefits (TPB). For example: employees who are past the accident leave time frame and are having recurring problems that require medical attention, but, need only hours off for doctors' appointments or physical therapy may opt to use their sick leave in lieu of TPB.

Workers' Compensation Law

In 2003 in the case of "Harris vs the Howard County Board of Education" the Court of Appeals made a ruling that changed the way the law was written in the State of Maryland. In the past, the State of Maryland was an "accidental injury state", which meant that something unusual had to occur for the injury to be considered compensable. That is no longer the case. The new law states "it is not necessary for an injury to be unusual, it only has to result in something unexpected."

OSHA 300 Summary Report

2016 - OSHA 300 Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses

Injury Reports

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